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The Story of the Nissequogue - Kings Park VFW Post

The Beginning

The VFW Post building located centrally in the Kings Park Main Street area was built at the corner of Church Street and what is now know as Veterans Lane.  The building has a long and rich history in Kings Park and one of the few buildings memorialized in the Kings Park Heritage Museum.  In 1938, the building was donated to St. Joseph's Church was utilized as the Church's Parish Center 

St. Joseph's Parish Center.jpeg

The 1963 Purchase

In 1963 the building was sold to the VFW and after renovations, it stands as the building we all know now. The building now stands as the central location for all Kings Park events including the St. Patrick's Day Parade, Memorial and Veterans Day Parade and various special occasions.


B ... I ... NGO

Pictures of the community dating back to 1963 when the VFW purchased the building.


History Rediscovered

During our recent renovation this was discovered covered by prior renovations and has since been restored to its original display. 

And the story continues ... How will you be a part of it? 

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